Dr. Mary Ann Smialek
Together We Can Make A Difference


Dr. Smialek - Educator, Author, Quality Education Consultant

Dr. Smialek is the director of Quest Solutions Consulting. She is an experienced educator in both regular and special education, specializing in the remediation of specific learning challenges. Mary Ann is a leading author and speaker on home-school collaboration, motivation, and team strategies. She provides seminars for parent groups and school personnel to facilitate effective partnerships to establish continuous improvement efforts at home and within the school organization.

Dr. Smialek's book Don't Miss the Bus! Steering Your Child to Success in School is thoughtful and supportive in its approach; practical, direct and clear in its action plans. A unique, wise guide that will appeal to today's busy parents with its "heart–to-heart" conversational tone in an easy to read and understand format. This book will guide parents who despite their best intentions unknowingly undermine their children's capacity for school success. Read More

School Is A Team Effort

  • The teacher's job is to teach.
  • The child's job is to learn.
  • The parent's job is to help the child be ready and able to learn.

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