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Q: I'm a divorced father and my kids don't live with me. How can I get and stay involved in their home and school life?

A: Be creative! Look for ways to let your children know that you care about what's going on in their lives. Email is a great way of staying in touch or consider calling them to get an update. You can discuss school progress, what they're enjoying and some things that they're concerned about. Another idea is to make copies of their good work for your refrigerator or other place of honor. Whenever possible attend school functions. Children especially like it when their dad volunteers in their school or classroom. Remember that you can make the difference!Classroom Photo

Q: My daughter doesn't take rules seriously. What can I do?

A: Putting rules in writing and what happens if they're disobeyed is a powerful way for your child to mind the "rules of the road". Try to be brief and positive when stating rules and consequences. Example: " Do not disturb Mom when she is on the phone. TV time will be shortened. Then, sign it along with your child. Post it in a place where it can easily be seen.

Q: When my son makes a mistake, I often am tempted to respond negatively with criticism. What is a good response in this situation?

A: A great response focuses on solutions. Example: "You forgot to bring your reading book home again. Let's ask your teacher to check your backpack when you leave school," rather than, "I can't believe you forgot your book again."

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