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Cooperation and communication are vital.

Effective Parent/Teacher Meetings

The first parent/teacher conference of the school year is important because it outlines your child's special annual goals. Throughout this meeting parent and teacher share what they know about the student, allowing both to accomplish more than either can alone. It also improves the relationship between home and school. The conference provides an opportunity for the teacher to explain the curriculum and acquaint the parent with the objectives of the school year. Substantial school achievement occurs when parents and teachers are involved in a support system benefitting the child, and are informed and up-to-date on the student's academic and social skills progress.

Valuable Resources

  • SchwabLearning.org is a guide for parents of children with learning difficulties
  • Scholastic.com offers information about children's behavioral, emotional, and educational issues.


Before the Meeting

  • Talk to your child to find out if there is anything you should know before talking with the teacher.
  • Be advised of your child's special talents as well as areas of difficulty and prepare a list of topics in advance to be discussed.
  • Note any change in family circumstances and routines that may be affecting your child's behavior.

During the Meeting

  • Communicate clearly. Ask specific questions.
  • Gather information about your child's social adjustment, progress in both academic and nonacademic subjects, and relationships with adults in authority.
  • Give priority to areas of special concern and avoid airing general grievances about the school.

After the Meeting

  • Share appropriate aspects of the meeting with your child.
  • Remind yourself that what happens after the conference is just as important as the meeting itself.
  • Stay in touch with your child's teacher



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