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Don’t Miss the Bus! Strategy Intervention Form

Take a minute to reflect on your observations of a positive strategy that you put into action. What worked? What didn’t work? Mark the areas that apply with a + for a positive experience and a -- for ones that you need to work on another time. Reflecting on a situation after using a positive strategy intervention is helpful in helping to focus on the things that will work with your particular child. Remember these skill building strategies do not uniformly fit every child in every situation. My best advice to you is to 1. reflect 2. monitor 3. adjust!

Name of Strategy:______________________________________________

Date: __________

Consider your child’s reactions with you. __________

Weigh your child’s interactions with other children. __________

Relate how you encouraged your child to expect a "great deal" of himself. _____

Convey values (e.g. respect: for authority, other’s property ) you stressed. _______

Relate "good examples that you shared with your child. __________

(Actions speak louder than words.)

Express how you supplied a strong support system to your child. __________

Consider your responsibilities and your child’s in the future. __________

Share special encouragement to make the "next time" more positive. __________

Key lesson learned from this strategy:_________________________________



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