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Know and Explore the Roadblocks to Your Children’s Motivation.

  • fear of failure
  • desire for attention
  • "schoolwork is not important" attitude
  • emotional problems
  • anger
  • lack of challenge

How Do Children Learn?

  • Visual Learning Style
  • Auditory Learning Style
  • Kinesthetic Learning Style
  • Tactile Learning Style

Identify and Practice Homework Tips

  • chose an appropriate place
  • gain consensus
  • develop a routine
  • create a homework checklist
  • put up a Do Not Disturb sign
  • supply a Homework Survival Kit

Identify Tasks that your Children Can Do Independently

  • do easiest work first
  • use association techniques
  • set goals

Give Directions and Guidance for More Difficult Tasks.

  • separate text from graphics
  • use analogies
  • reverse roles

Accept Responses as Genuine Effort.

  • adapt and modify homework processes and procedures
  • express affirmation for diligence

Focus on the Goal of the Assignment

  • remember, social studies, science or math assignments are not remedial reading lessons

Use a Homework Assignment Notebook

  • refer to a calendar or homework chart for more organization
  • check contents of the backpack before your child goes to school and when they come home

Know Your Child’s Teacher

  • ask you child’s teacher how best to assist with homework
  • work together with your child’s teacher about homework concerns
  • attend "Meet the Teacher " night
  • use the school’s Homework Manual, if available
  • when homework problems persist, ask for further testing
  • Time Management Considerations
  • learn time management skills
  • manage time; manage yourself; manage your children

Test Taking Tips

Before the Test

  • use a study guide
  • be a good listener
  • get a good night’s sleep
  • eat a good breakfast
  • say to your child: "Do your best".

During the Test

  • read the directions
  • skim the test quickly
  • skip hard questions
  • check over your work
  • if there is time, go back to the hard questions

After the Test

Remember, no test can measure a child’s worth!

To know how to suggest is the great art of teaching.
- Henri–Frederic Amiel.

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