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Testimonials for Don't Miss the Bus!

Dr. Mary Ann Smialek has provided parents with an impressive resource to help their children succeed in school. Don't Miss the Bus! is filled with practical, realistic advice that addresses such important topics as motivation, discipline, homework, home-school partnerships, self-esteem and self-respect. I am certain that parents as well as teachers will return to this book over and over again for the invaluable information it contains.

Robert Brooks, Ph. D. Faculty, Harvard Medical School, Author of "The Self-Esteem Teacher" and co-author of "Raising Resilient Children"

Don't Miss the Bus! shares with parents an easy-to-read, user friendly resource on what they can do to support their children's educational development. Importantly, Dr. Smialek focuses on what parents can do both at home and at school to support children's learning. Don't Miss the Bus! emphasizes the important role that parents play in ensuring a quality educational experience for their children.

Karen L. Mapp, Ed. D. President, Institute for Responsive Education

Don't Miss the Bus! is thoughtful and supportive in its approach; practical, direct and clear in its action plans. Dr. Smialek shares strategies for school success that are easy to read, understand and follow. This guide will help steer parents and educators to positive home-school partnerships that can lead to the development of comprehensive community schools.

Martin J. Blank, Staff Director, Coalition for Community Schools Institute for Educational Leadership

Don't miss Don't Miss the Bus! if you're looking for a comprehensive primer on helping your kids succeed in school. Parents are every child's first and most important teachers, and Mary Ann Smialek has provided parents with a blueprint for success from the first day of kindergarten through graduation night. Get involved! Stay involved! Dr. Smialek shows you how.

Tim Sullivan, Publisher, PTO Today Magazine, President, PTO Today, Inc.

Don't Miss the Bus! supplies useful and practical strategies that parents can use as they lay the foundation of a child's school success. Dr. Smialek sets the stage nicely for the importance of the home-school connection and gives valuable suggestions for how parents and teachers can work together in the best interest of children.

Robert J. Wittman, Executive Director of Community Education, Robbinsdale Area Schools

Dr. Smialek outlines a reasoned set of parental expectations and responsibilities. In Don't Miss the Bus! she offers a series of steps to help parents prepare their children for school success. She provides strategies and tips to enhance motivation and interest in school, completion of homework and success in the classroom. She provides a set of guideposts for parents to strengthen home-school partnerships. Beyond the classroom, she offers parents a set of strategies to discipline effectively and most importantly to help each child build a true sense of self-esteem. Increasingly, educators, mental health professionals and researchers are demonstrating that children's mindset towards school, their attitudes and beliefs about their capabilities, teachers, and the work placed in front of them represents the key ingredient in school success.

Finally, this is the first book to offer a set of guidelines for parents to understand and set appropriate limits for their children's use and interaction with the internet. This section alone makes this a valuable book. Don't Miss the Bus is a book that I will enthusiastically endorse and recommend to the families I work with. It offers a valuable road map to help parents prepare and guide their children to a successful school career.

Sam Goldstein, Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Utah

Don't Miss the Bus! is an important tool for helping parents translate good intentions into proven skills. This book outlines the necessary achievement at home and out-of-school. Mary Ann Smialek provides a helpful wake-up call to all of us who care about helping children learn. Parents who know how to be effective parents also learn to expand their sphere of concern to include other people's children and in the process become advocates for quality education for all children.

Wendy Puriefoy President, Public Education Network

Testimonials for Get On the Bus!

More than ever, parents and students face a high stakes academic journey as many schools eliminate recess and begin standardized testing in the primary grades to meet the demands of the federal No Child Left Behind law. In an era that emphasizes high standards for learning, parents need to know what to expect of their children at important stages of social, emotional and intellectual development. Get On the Bus! Tools for School shares with parents exactly what is important and why. It is the perfect follow-up to Don't Miss the Bus! Steering Your Child to Success in School. Dr. Mary Ann Smialek has done it again! She has given today's busy parents a user-friendly guide to ensure their children's school success. This book is an important tool - providing strategies, tips, techniques in each chapter - to help parents assist their children with what they need to know and do at each developmental level throughout the elementary school years.

Howie Schaffer, Media Director Public Education Network

An interesting and beneficial read! Mary Ann Smialek's book, Get On the Bus! Tools for School, outlines a common-sense, step by step approach to helping your kids in school - without becoming, on one hand, overbearing or, on the other hand, doing their work for them, two of the most prevalent problems parents have when it comes to their children and school. From the first chapters on how to give your youngsters support and creating guidelines for both parents and students, to the middle chapters that provide the basic building blocks to academic learning, and finally to the later chapters that introduce parents to possible problem areas they need to be aware of, Get On the Bus! is a straight forward guide on how to successfully steer their kids through their formative years.

Susann Krouse, Educational Applications Specialist

In these times of national accountability through No Child Left Behind requirements, Get On the Bus! will provide busy parents with the much needed guidance helping their children succeed...the suggestions and directions provided by Dr. Mary Ann Smialek are right on target for all parents in all types of families and communities!

Eduardo R. Rivas, Ed. D., Administrative Director, Office of Strategic Planning

Written in the words spoken as a mother and educator, Dr. Mary Ann Smialek captures the very essence of our thoughts and feelings for our children. Get On the Bus! Tools for School accelerates the journey that highlights the challenges and successes that parents and children face as they begin the trip on the path of learning. This book puts parents behind the wheel and in the driver's seat to assure that their children have a well-rounded education as they travel the bends, curves, and bumps on the roads that lead to school success and achievement throughout future years.

Donna M. Vlassich, Project Director of Public Engagement

Mary Ann's experience as an educator and parent and her appreciation of and respect for children shine on every page of this wonderful book. In Don't Miss the Bus! she provides clearly defined information about reading, language, math and basic study skills that will be of immeasurable help to parents in their quest to understand and support the education of their children. Her belief in nurturing the "whole child" is evident in her suggestions for ways in which to enhance the social-emotional growth of children, including their self-esteem, confidence, and ability to deal with stress and pressure. She truly appreciates that children learn best when they feel safe, secure, and competent and are not burdened by feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.

Robert Brooks, Ph.D., Faculty Harvard Medical School Author of "The Self-Esteem Teacher" and "Co-author of Raising Resilient Children"

Testimonials for Off the Bus!

Mary Ann Smialek addresses the tough issues for middle school students that even teachers and parents seem to shy away from…..Off the Bus! How Teachers Can Help Students and Parents Transition to Middle School gets down to the nitty-gritty and takes…..middle school issues head on, then takes them to the next level with resources to turn them around into positive opportunities. Parents, teachers, and administrators will value Off the Bus!

Carolyn Heinzl, Principal, Pittsburgh Classical Academy Middle School, City of Pittsburgh School District

Mary Ann Smialek has helped students, parents, and even teachers transition to a middle school environment with success and ease over her career. Now, she puts it all together in her newest book, Off the Bus! .... Mary Ann has provided sound, sage strategies that will help guide middle school students to endless possibilities for success now and in the future.

Stephen W. Parks, Principal, McKnight Elementary, North Allegheny School District

The spirit, character, and style of Off the Bus! is user friendly and easy to follow. It's relevant book titles, and websites offer great resources for both parents and teachers interested in learning in more depth the issues that are facing middle school students today.

Stephen Bennhoff, Principal, St. Mark's Middle School, Salt Lake City, Utah

Mary Ann Smialek has provided a valuable resource to middle school administrators, teachers, and parents…..Off the Bus! offers specific strategies to provide direct assistance to teachers and parents to work as partners in the students' journey through middle school. Dr. Smialek shares concise and useful references in this well-organized and easy to read book. It is a practical, hands-on resource that teachers, counselors, administrators, and parents will enjoy.

Richard Gutkind, Principal, Schiller Classical Academy, Pittsburgh, PA

Off the Bus! is thoughtful and well written. Mary Ann Smialek has packed this parent/teacher resource book with ideas and strategies to support students' successful transition to middle school.

Bob Sorensen, Founder, Early Learning Foundation, Brighton, Michigan

Off the Bus! will appeal to today's busy teachers as it walks them through he basic parent-teacher strategies every teachers must master to ensure that pre-teens and their anxious parents receive a quality learning experience. Teachers will also learn steps for working with parents to facilitate favorable [aren't-teacher-student partnerships. These tips and techniques support time and effort spent with both students and parents in various situations throughout the school year. This book provides the information needed to foster high standards for a quality middle school education, both at home and school.

Rowman & Littlefield Education Editorial Staff, A Division of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Lanham, Maryland

Testimonials for Team Strategies for Success

Team Strategies for Success - Doing What Counts in Education. Mary Ann Smialek's book is an important tool in educational reform. There is a lot of talk about turning education into a profession in which teams work together to change organizational practice. Smialek's book provides a clear set of process suggestions for turning talk about teamwork into real, effective, productive collaboration.

Alan Lesgold, Ph.D., Dean, University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Endorsements For Team Strategies For Success Doing What Counts In Education- "As director of a doctoral program in educational leadership, I agree with two truths promoted by Mary Ann Smialek: you have what it takes to initiate teams in your organization; no one is going to do it for you. What is often needed, however, is the knowledge of how to do it. Mary Ann provides that in a succinct and interesting way — basing it in both research and practice."

Dr. Helen C. Sobehart, Director Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program for Educational Leaders and The Leadership Institute, Duquesne University

Team Strategies for Success is a highly valuable book for professional educators. Empowered teams have been shown to have a tremendous impact on performance in the private sector. The author shows how many of these same principles can be used to transform our views of education. The book contains not only a solid foundation, but is full of practical tips.

Richard S. Wellins, Ph.D., Author of "Empowered Teams", Senior Vice President of programs and marketing, Development Dimensions International (DDI)

Testimonials for Life Lessons for Educators: Your Best Life Now

Lesson Plans for Educators is a brilliant resource that will guide educators to greater passion and fulfillment in their work and personal lives. Dr. Smialek presents creative strategies for educators, no matter what their job title, to create more harmony and joy in all they do. A unique feature is the focus on intuition, balance, and meditation to release the tension and stress of daily routines. Her thoughtful insights into the deeper aspects of life's journey will inspire and bring about a sense of renewed enthusiasm in the important work educators do on a daily basis.

Ron Scolastico, Ph. D., author of "Doorway to the Soul", distinguished academic psychologist and spiritual counselor

This is an inspiring resource for dedicated teachers and administrators, school guidance counselors, psychologists, speech, physical, and occupational therapists and all who work with students. Dr. Smialek has woven together her experience with wisdom gleamed from her own impassioned spiritual quest. She provides resolutions for the increasing challenges facing today's educators. Her introspective approach to teaching is so brilliantly defined in Lesson Plans for Educators.

Michelle King, spiritual teacher and counselor, Sama Kara Spiritual Center

There are few times in our lifetime that we have the opportunity to view our life differently. Lesson Plans for Educators provides the chance to revisit, refocus, and truly look inside ourselves. Mary Ann Smialek gives us the tools to examine our values and consciously unshackle our thinking to a more positive outlook on a daily basis. She answers our innermost questions about knowing our authentic self, a paradigm shift in one's reality, along with the steps necessary to produce significant positive life changes. This is a must read for all educators.

John Kenneth Amato Ed.D., International President of Phi Delta Kappa

Dr. Mary Ann Smialek offers a holistic approach to reflective teaching. In Lesson Plans for Educators she takes you on a journey of self-discovery, reflection, and validation. She presents opportunities for both new and seasoned practitioners to live their best life personally and professionally. Each chapter offers renewed occasions to celebrate accomplishments and look forward to improved ways of doing things with enjoyment and enthusiasm. This is a "must read" for all educators who want to find joy in their life and profession.

Mary Jo Pierantozzi, Assistant Professor of Education, Gynedd-Mercy College





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